Thursday, 23 February 2012

First DIY Nail Art - Roses

I thought I'd share this with you, my first ever bit of nail art. I bought some nail art pens from Ebay (£6.59 for 12 pens!) which I used to create the detailing and the base of the roses is from an old No17 nail polish (can't remember the name of the shade). The white is just from my Sally Hansen french manicure set. I was so excited to do my first bit of nail art with my new pens and am quite pleased with how it came out, what do you think? x


  1. Wow! My hands aren't that steady. LOL I just bought a large set of plates for my nail stamping kit and even then I stamp the design onto water slide decal paper to get them onto my nails correctly. LOL

    I put up a YouTube video about doing that...

  2. Hey Karen, thank you for commenting! I have to tell you, this mani is so easy, no skill required at all. The base of the roses is literally a rough blob of pink and the so-called details are literally just lines and blobs with my nail pens. Super simple but it looks really effective and detailed. Give it a go! How do you find your nail stamper? I've been debating whether to get one but when I watch the videos on Youtube it looks as though you end up wasting a lot of your polish when scraping it? Is this the case? x


Thanks for your feedback, it's appreciated! x