Saturday, 3 March 2012

Black, white pink & glittery!

Hello nail arters,

This is my current manicure, black base with white lines and pink glitter over the top, both done with my nail pens. Do you like it? ;-) x


  1. Just a little note, a delivery driver made a nice comment on my nails today, he saw them and said '£40 manicure I can see there' to which I (quite excitedly) replied 'Nope! DIY job but thank you!' What a nice compliment! x

  2. Can I just add to this, I have since had compliments from two other separate (random) people regarding this nail design - people seem to really like it! And it's now been on my nails for about 9 days without a diamante coming off and I only stuck them on using my top coat (literally top coated my nails & then pushed the diamantes into it). It''s nice when you get a bit of positive feedback from people! x

  3. It is a BEAUTIFUL design! I love it! Isn't it fun getting compliments on your nails when you've done them yourself? :-)

  4. Thank you for the comment Karen, really appreciated! Great to know people are viewing and liking my blog! It's the best feeling when someone gives a compliment on my nails, makes all the time spent on it totally worth it! I'll be giving a St. Patrick's Day design a go so will be posting pictures soon, hopefully you'll let me know what you think!


  5. Hi Trinity! I'm what you would call a beginner nail art "hobbyist." I started doing art myself when I gave up going to the salons to save money. I spend probably way too much time on YouTube checking out designs and tutorials though, like water marbling. :-)

    I know some of my designs have gotten the "wow, that's cool!" too and yeah, it does make you feel good when people ask, "Awesome! Where do you get your nails done?" and you say, "I did them myself!" :-)

    1. Water marbling looks really lovely, I've never tried it before. Maybe I'll give it a go...
      I have actually never been to a nail salon, I find it way more fun to do them myself and I actually prefer the 'amateurish' look rather than the bog standard shop manicures you get. Send me some pictures of your designs if you have any, I love to see people's nail art! x


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